Refurb. Apple MacBook Pro MGX72B/A, Dual Core i5, 8GB, 128GB, OS X High Sierra, 13.3″

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Refurb. The excellent Retina display pixel density is so high that the eyes cannot see individual pixels. Launching Apps takes seconds thanks to its super fast internal architecture and featuring a solid state hard drive around four times faster than legacy mechanicals.  Apps and web pages open instantly and features superb multitasking features with the processor built with multitasking in mind. Switching between Apps is a breeze using the multi-touch force feedback trackpad and keyboard. You will not be disappointed by the performance of a laptop in this class.

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Product Description

Excellent Condition, Perfect Working Order
Cleaned. Data Wiped and Reloaded. 
New battery. 
A new genuine Apple charger is included. 
6 Months parts and labour warranty.
No retail box: Plain boxed, Bubble wrapped and UPS couriered a Tracking number is provided. 

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Our Warranty

9 Months long warranty including parts and labour. Warranty terms are for fair wear-and-tear. Warranty excludes mistreatment such as liquid spillages.

Only 3 months warranty on batteries. Batteries should last as long as the laptop if looked after. Charge batteries to at least 50% before storage. A good battery is deemed to hold at least 80%-100% charge. New batteries can hold 90%-over 100% charge.



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